Toby Keith Toasts ALL Americans In New Video

The title may be misleading but might be the most-timely of country songs currently on radio and video outlets.

This week, Toby Keith honors ALL Americans with the release of his fantastic new music video "Drunk Americans" (watch above). The video, directed by Michael Salomon with animation by Ben Naff, captures the song's inclusive, wall-busting view of the American people. Written by Brandy Clark, Bob DiPiero and Shane McAnally, "Drunk Americans" lyrics break down barriers and rally, "We ain't east, we ain't west. We ain't left, we ain't right. Ain't black, we ain't white, we just came here to drink... We just raise up our glass, we don't give a rat's ass, if you're a democrat or republican, we're happy to be here tonight you can see, we're just all drunk Americans."