New Artist Spotlight: Jackie Lee

Get to know more about the rising artist behind the hit "She Does."

Born and raised in Mayville, Tennessee, Broken Bow Records newcomer Jackie Lee comes from a musical family. His father once tried his hand at being a country singer but returned home to raise a family but never lost a connection that would prove important in Jackie’s own life, producer/songwriter Carson Chamberlain.

The well-known songwriter (George Strait’s “The Best Day”) and musician who was Keith Whitley’s bandleader and steel guitarist, has produced hit records for singers like Mark Wills, Billy Currington and Easton Corbin. Carson Chamberlain also produced, for fun, a six year old Jackie Lee as a gift to the young boy. Cut to sixteen years later and the two are making music once again. “Working with Carson, is like working with family,” says Jackie Lee. “I grew up with his children so working with Carson on this album was always something I wanted to do.”

Family seems to be huge thread in Jackie Lee’s life because, after a brief moment signed to another label, Jackie Lee found a home with Broken Bow Records. When asked about what appealed to him most about the record label, best known for breaking Jason Aldean, Jackie said, “they really feel like family.”

It’s a common thing often heard about the powerful independent record label group Broken Bow Records. Because they’re able to work independently of major corporations and shareholders, the label has allowed artists to be themselves and to put the music first, the way it used to be. And that’s exactly what’s happened with Jackie Lee and his forthcoming project with Broken Bow Records.

When asked about his fast-rising debut single “She Does,” Jackie’s eyes lit up. “It’s a song that anyone can relate to.” It’s true, even if you’ve never been in a relationship like the one in the song. You probably know somebody like the woman in the song, be it your mother, your grandmother, your aunt or a friend’s girlfriend or wife. In essence, it’s the perfect debut single for an artist to have and it also has a strong thread of family weaving through it.

Country Music prides itself on being a big family and that was proven recently when Jackie Lee made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage and after finishing, he was given a stading ovation, something that's rare for any artist, let alone a brand new artist appearing in the iconic circle for the first time.

At the recent Broken Bow Music Group Pre-CMA Awards party, Jackie performed “She Does” and another song where he showcased a charming personality and a winning stage presence that recalled a young Luke Bryan. Working with friends and family has certainly proven to be a winning formula for that superstar and it really feels like we’re sing the same thing starting to happen with the young Jackie Lee, and if he does break out as a country music star, it’ll because of what got him to the dance in the first place: family.

You can follow Jackie Lee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can buy his single "She Does" at iTunes now.