Taylor Swift's "1989" by The Numbers

Superstar's latest album sets records, even when many expected it not to.

With her album selling more than any other album has all year, Taylor Swift is certainly on a roll. And, quite honestly, there are songs on 1989 that COULD gain airplay on country radio if Taylor wanted them to try to go that route ("Out Of The Woods" and " This Love" are such songs) but she hasn't. That being said, the album's sales are remarkable and since she started in the country music world, we found these notes interesting. We hope you do too.

From Taylor herself:

"I was told to keep my expectations low because album sales were in decline, no one had sold over a million albums this year and the last time it happened on release week was with my album RED in 2012. I was told my optimism was naive. I was told it was risky to change creative directions. I was told my album wouldn't sell if it didn't have my entire face on it. I listened to my intuition instead of all those voices. I'm so proud that my fans were able to show the world that art is important and is still valuable to them."


  • Taylor Swift’s fourth #1 album to top Billboard Top 200 albums chart
  • 1989 sold 1.287 million copies in one week
  • Marks the largest selling week for any artist since 2002
  • 1989 comprised 22% of the entire album market this year
  • Its debut week sales sold more than the last eight #1 debuting albums on the Billboard Top 200 chart
  • 1989 marks the largest week for a physical album since Taylor’s last album RED was released in 2012
  • 1989 is the 19th album to sell a million copies in a week since the inception of SoundScan in 1991
  • Taylor sold more than two copies of 1989 every second