Independent Lens: Caitlyn Smith

Get to know the singer/songwriter behind "Wasting All These Tears."

We recently got a chance to talk with singer/songwriter Caitlyn Smith, the woman behind the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton hit "You Can't Make Old Friends" and the Platinum Top 10 "Wasting All These Tears" for Cassadee Pope. With her debut EP Everything To You in stores today (October 27, 2014), we felt it was time for y'all to get to know the rising artist with our latest Independent Lens feature.

Roughstock: Did you choose country music or did country music choose you?

Caitlyn Smith: I grew up listening to country music non-stop. The genre is in my bones. Everything from Alison Krauss to Dolly Parton to Garth Brooks to the Dixie Chicks. I choose to sing country music because it's my favorite. I absolutely love it!

Roughstock: How did you go about choosing the tracks on the EP?

Caitlyn: I spent a couple years writing a few hundred songs and then trying out different songs live to see which ones really felt like me as an artist. (Like trying on a shirt before you buy it! Ha!) After playing dozens of songs out on the road, I narrowed down my favorite 7 songs to play out. I feel like the songs on this EP give people a pretty good picture of who I am.

Roughstock: How excited were you to see your songs get covered by the likes of Kenny Rogers, Dolly and Cassadee Pope?

Caitlyn: Words can't really describe how much of an honor it is when another artist cuts your song. To write something and have it connect with someone you admire and love is such a joy! When you hear their version for the first time, it's pretty emotional! It's a feeling that will never ever get old.

Roughstock: What are your goals for the EP?

Caitlyn: It's been awhile since I've released new music. My hope with this EP is to get my music out there into the world and hopefully make some new fans along the way!

Rougstock:  What one word best describes country music to you? 

Caitlyn: Authentic. So many country songs have a sort of power in them, an ability to evoke some real emotions in the listener. A country song can zap you back in time, pull out the heartache or make you pour another glass of whiskey. Country music is powerful because it's real.

You can purchase Caitlyn's EP Everything To You at iTunes.

Photo Credit: Spencer Combs