Adam Hood To Release New Music November 4

Singer's new album will be fourth of his career and his first self-issued release.

Alabama-born singer/songwriter Adam Hood is set to issue his fourth album Welcome To The Big World on November 4 via his own independent label (Adam Hood Music). The album comes off the heels of his successful campaign where fans pledged their support helping him reach his goal of recording a new record.

“The decision to do this record on my own was based on two things,” ADAM explains. “First, watching my friends and peers finish projects this way and come out with amazing records! But more importantly, at this place in my career I've developed more of a vision for how I want the songs to sound sonically, from a production and instrumentation aspect. Some guys have always written songs and they know exactly how they want them to sound recorded. It's been a process for me, but I'm coming into my own…I hope. I knew Rachel [producer Rachel Loy] would get where I wanted to go with these songs and choose the right players to take us there. I think it worked!”

Adam worked with producer Rachel Loy (an in-demand session musician in Nashville and Texas) and the album is a ‘biographical soundscape’ which will recall Delbert McClinton and Kris Kristofferson in different places. His lead single is “Trying To Write A Love Song.” The song has already hit the Top 5 of the Texas Music charts (both charts) and the straightforward, booze and truck-free anthem about chasing a woman in a hot dress to cure his writer’s block was co-written with Pat McLaughlin and Logan Mize (“Can’t Get Away From A Good Time”).

Adam also co-wrote with singer/songwriters Will Hoge and Charlie Worsham for the record. Sunny Sweeney duets on “The Countriest.”

Adam Hood Welcome To The Big World TRACKLIST:

  1. “Don't That Sound Like Love”
  2. “Trying To Write A Love Song"
  3. “Welcome To The Big World”
  4. “Bar Band”
  5. “Stars Around A Cajun Moon"
  6. “Whole Lot of Hard Work”
  7. “Postcards and Payphones”
  8. “The Countriest” (featuring Sunny Sweeney)
  9. “Way Too Long”
  10. “He Did”
  11. “I Took A Train”