Chely Wright Crowdsources New Album

Award-winning country star funds album via Kickstarter.

She originally planned on making a new record by herself and while she initially thought Kickstarter campaigns were not for her, Chely Wright realized differently that such a campaign was a way for her to “return to (her) roots of interacting directly with fans and that the platform offered the best chance to do so,” she said when appearing on the SiriusXM OutQ Program Derek & Romaine.

Wright’s campaign on Kickstarter originally asked for 175,000 to fully fund the new project and once the funding from her dedicated fan base (old and new), the new mother of twins ended her round of funding with 2,265 ‘backers’ pledging 247,181.

Of the added money Chely said it will all go towards the album with some of the extra money going to support Chely’s tour in support of the album.

When some people complained about the amount of money raised, Wright responded with the fact that she's gotten used to recording albums a certain way and while some folks can "make an album at a home studio for thousands of dollars, the kind of albums I'm used to with producers, musicians, engineers, etc., this is what it costs to make that kind of record."

The album will be her second album since coming out of the closet as a lesbian via her album Lifted Off The Ground and her memoir Like Me. Wright will release the Kickstarter-funded album sometime in 2015.