Zac Brown Band Partners With Big Machine, Republic & Varvatos

Band to release new music in 2015 via new label and brand partnerships with Southern Ground Artists.

After spending most of 2014 a ‘free agent’ once the Zac Brown Band’s deal with Atlantic Records ended, the popular band and their own label Southern Ground Artists have partnered with John Varvatos Records, Big Machine and Republic Records. The ZBB will work with all label partners but Repbulic and Big Machine will help promote and release Zac Brown Band Records while all three labels will work with Southern Ground Artsits on the talent signed to that roster.

“I think we got the dream together,” Brown says.” “I sought out John because of his execution as a brand master with Varvatos -- I don’t think anyone’s in his league or arena in what he does. And the horsepower [Republic and Big Machine] have in what they’ve done and to have all this together is a huge deal. It’s a big day to get it together, and an evolution of the band continuing to grow and to better ourselves.”

John Varvatos is an expert brand manager in the fashion industry and if anyone knows of Brown’s entire business (they do everything including merchandising and branding, in house at the Southern Ground offices in Atlanta and Nashville), it is an expert fit. Varvatos’ new label is an extension of his work much like Southern Reel and Southern Hide are extensions of the Southern Ground Artists’ label and Zac Brown himself.

Borchetta is excited to finally get to work with Zac Brown, “I was…over the years…just really admiring the musicianship and the trueness of everything Zac and his band stand for.”

Brown and the band have already started to wear Vavartos’ line of clothing while performing.