Shenandoah To Reunite With Marty Raybon

Superstar vocalist to return to band after 17 years as solo artist.

Shenandoah, the band behind 80s and 90s Country standards such as "Two Dozen Roses" and "Next To You, Next To Me" has announced the return of lead singer Marty Raybon. After a 17-year absence from the band, Raybon is set to rejoin the group this October, as announced in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Country.

Raybon co-founded Shenandoah in 1984, but left after their 1997 tour to pursue other career opportunities.

"We were not a band that broke up because of dissension," says Raybon. "We had our disagreements, as partners do in a business relationship, [but] we were then and remain to be friends. Returning to the band had actually been talked about on several different occasions throughout the years. I've always been truly proud of what we accomplished... the songs we recorded, the way they moved people. For years, all of us have heard what those tunes, those stories, meant to folks. We feel there is more to be said. So it's time to reload and fulfill the request, not only of our hearts but for all the fans who want to see us back together."

More information about the upcoming Shenandoah reunion will be announced soon.