Little Big Town "Pain Killer" Tracklist & Cover Art

Complete album info, including songwriter and producer credits.

On October 21, Little Big Town will issue their latest album Pain Killer, the follow-up to their Platinum-certified, Award-winning album Tornado.

The album, produced by Jay Joyce, features current single “Day Drinking,” the bands highest chart debut to date, and was written by LBT’s Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet and songwriters Troy Verges and Barry Dean. The four members of LBT also co-wrote eight of the 13 tracks on the album.

"Sometimes you don't know what's going to happen in the studio," notes Fairchild. "You just have to dive in head first and work hard to do something unique. We're always striving and pushing ourselves to go somewhere new. Pain Killer is a new place for sure."

Pain Killer is the follow up album to the group's highly-successful platinum-selling album, Tornado.


Little Big Town Pain Killer Track Listing:

  1. Quit Breaking Up With Me (Busbee, Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally)
  2. Day Drinking (Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet, Troy Verges, Barry Dean)
  3. Tumble and Fall (Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey)
  4. Pain Killer (Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Blair Daley, Hillary Lindsey)
  5. Girl Crush (Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey)
  6. Faster Gun (Jeremy Spillman, Ryan Tyndell, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet)
  7. Good People (Jay Joyce, Natalie Hemby, Jeremy Spillman)
  8. Stay All Night (Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet, Brent Cobb, Jason Saenz)
  9. Save Your Sin (Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey)
  10. Live Forever (Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet, Kimberly Schlapman, Jeremy Spillman, Ryan Tyndell)
  11. Things You Don’t Think About (Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman)
  12. Turn The Lights On (Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet, Kimberly Schlapman, Natalie Hemby, Jay Joyce, Jeremy Spillman)
  13. Silver and Gold (Jedd Hughes, Jay Joyce, Kimberly Schlapman, Karen Fairchild)