New Artist Spotlight: Tigirlily

Get to know the rising teenaged sister duo from North Dakota.

If you haven't heard of the young duo Tigirlily, made up of sisters Kendra and Krista who are 18 and 16 years old, you will soon. And if you want to hear their music now, their debut EP -- Victory -- is now available for purchase on iTunes and is making great progress moving up the chart in sales.

While the duo may be fairly new to most country fans, they are well-known in the midwest and in their native state of North Dakota, where they have spent the past two years performing non-stop starting in church and progressing to fairs and local events and progressing to opening for acts like Thompson Square, Chris Cagle and Gwen Sebastian. Sebastian, also from North Dakota and whose husband (Louis Newman) is the producer of Victory, has been a mentor of sorts to Kendra and Krista, helping them, encouraging them and giving them advice.

While you might think teenage sisters would have difficulty spending so much time together, both agree they wouldn't want to be doing this with anyone else.

"We always have our little arguments. Obviously, we're sisters," Kendra explained. "But we have about a two-second rebound rate and it's over.

We're best friends," she said.

Kendra pointed out that their differences make them stronger as songwriters and performers. "We write well together because we have very different writing styles," she stated. "I write with the piano, and my music comes out a little more on the bluesy side. I tend to write songs that are a little more sad or even depressing."

Krista describes her style as "a little more catchy, upbeat, fun songs. She added "If we wrote separately, we would definitely come out with two very different albums. We are definitely a situation where two negatives make a positive."

While the two may have different writing styles, they believe it is a strength rather than a weakness. "We write about songs we can relate to, and we write songs from other people's perspective. Sometimes we will hear a phrase or something someone says and just go with it," explained Krista.

"As a result," Kendra added, "we think there is a song on the EP for everyone. "We've included summer songs, sad songs, happy songs, love songs....everyone can relate to something we've included."

Both sisters agree on their favorite song on the EP: "Victory" which also happens to be the title track. "'Victory' is the most inspirational; it is definitely our anthem for everyone -- if you have a dream or goal in life, don't let anyone stop you!" Krista said.

While the duo has dreams of touring more on a national level, they are grateful for the experiences and success they have already had, and want their fans to know they are always writing new material and appreciate the support they have from fans.

Krista emphasized they love what they're doing and that's what matters most to them at this point. "It doesn't matter if we keep doing what we're doing for now, playing to around 1,000 people most of the time. It doesn't matter if it's 100 or 10,000. We are very blessed because we're playing music and we're doing what we love."

Both girls are also very upbeat about the recent focus on females in country music. "There isn't a lot of girl power right now," Kendra stated. "If I listen to radio right now, there aren't many girls being played. It's all guys, and they're great, but we need girls too!"

Tigerlily's Victory is now available at iTunes.