Mark Chesnutt Ready To Launch Reality Show

Iconic Country traditionalist set to bring fans into his world.

If you've ever wanted to go behind-the-scenes or ride along on the tour bus with a country music legend, you may soon have the opportunity to do so.

Well, almost. With a big-screen television and HD, you will be as close as most people will ever get.

Mark Chesnutt and his band have been working with Big Op Media to create his own reality series depicting everything that goes into the music you eventually hear and the live show you go to see. Chesnutt, a country music legend, has 14 #1 hits and 23 Top Ten hits, mostly from the 1990s.

Chesnutt is committed to continuing the traditional country music he loves, and to entertaining his loyal fans, whether it's 50,000 or 500 who show up. "It's definitely my fans who keep me going in this business," Chesnutt said.

And Chesnutt is excited about the prospect of this show.

"It's everything we do, everything it takes to make an album and to put on a live show," Chesnutt explained. From recording and production in the studio, to the long hours on a bus during a tour, to the preparation for a show from behind-the-scenes and finally the performance, Chesnutt is giving fans an all-access pass to see how it works from beginning to end.

Much of the filming has been completed, according to Chesnutt. "We even shot a pilot and did some re-thinking and came up with a different concept," he stated.

"There's some work left to be done," he added. "But we feel like the concept we are working with now will be interesting to fans; seeing everything that happens behind the scenes before they ever get to the show."
The current working title is "Chesnutt's Road Dogs" and the show is being edited at this time. When enough footage is shot and edited, the production company will pitch it to a number of channels and wait to see who picks it up.

Keep watching for updates on this project and information on air dates and on which network it will air.


  • Linda Browne

    Congradulations Mark and his band. Can't wait to see the show. You guys deserve this. This is awesome!

  • Selina Zinn

    Congratulations Mark and the Guys!!!! So happy for you all that you got this opportunity. We all love you guys and wish the best always for you. Can't wait to see the new show!!!

  • Linda Hustead

    It's about time that Mark and his band gets some recognition they are the hardest working country music performers in the business <3