Angaleena Presley Announces Debut Album Title and Details

The Pistol Annies member releases details for her debut solo album to be released via Slate Creek Records/Thirty Tigers.

Angaleena Presley's debut solo album American Middle Class will be released Tuesday, October 14 on Slate Creek Records in partnership with distributor Thirty Tigers. Known to fans as "Holler Annie" from her work with platinum-selling trio Pistol Annies (with friends Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe), Presley takes sole writer's credit on five of the album's tracks and co-writer credit on the remaining seven. Presley co-produced the album with her husband Jordan Powell.

“It’s like my autobiography – each of the songs is a chapter of my life," says the coal miner's daughter from Beauty, Kentucky. "I’ve literally lived every minute of this record. My mama ain’t none too happy about me spreading my business around but I have to do it,” Presley says. “It’s the experience of my life from birth to now.”

Presley has enlisted a variety of illustrious guest talent on this album, including vocalists Patty Loveless, Chris Stapleton, Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls) and even her father, Jimmy Presley, who opens the title track with a personal narrative. Musicians appearing on the album include Keith Gattis and Audley Freed on guitars, mandolins, and dobros; Josh Grange on pedal steel; Fred Elrtingham on drums; Grammy winner Glenn Worff and Motown-influenced Aden Bubeck on bass (both upright and electric); David Henry on cello and strings; and John Henry Trinko on organ and piano.

Presley will be taking her new songs out on the road as she joins the Indigo Girls on tour this fall, with further touring plans to be revealed soon. “Playing live is the ultimate connection for a songwriter,” she says, “you get to see firsthand how your songs affect someone and I love it.”

The track listing for American Middle Class can be viewed below.

1. Ain’t No Man   Presley
2. All I Ever Wanted   Presley
3. Grocery Store   Presley/Lori McKenna
4. American Middle Class   Presley
5. Dry County Blues   Presley/Mark D. Sanders
6. Pain Pills   Presley
7. Life Of The Party   Presley/Matraca Berg
8. Knocked Up   Presley/Mark D. Sanders
9. Better Off Red   Presley
10. Drunk   Presley/Sarah Siskind
11. Blessing And A Curse   Presley/Bob DiPiero
12. Surrender   Presley/Luke Laird/Barry Dean