Single Review: JT Hodges - Already High

JT Hodges' debut single from his sophomore album for Show Dog-Universal features a story about how endorphins (natural drugs) can occur because of a relationship. Will "Already High" be his true national breakout hit?

JT Hodges may not have scored any huge mainstream hits with the singles from his self-titled debut but “Sleepy Little Town,” “Hunt You Down” and “Goodbyes Made You Mine” were all huge hits on SiriusXM’s “The Highway,” so popular in fact that they were played as much as any of superstar hits of 2012/2013. We loved each of those tunes too and were glad to see Show Dog-Universal stick with the talented singer/songwriter and if “Already High” is any indication, JT Hodges sophomore album will likely make the world know who he is.

The lyrics of “Already High” may be familiar in terms of comparing the high from alcohol to the buzz a man gets from the love in his life but, this time instead of being about the eternal high one gets from being in love, JT talks about the beginning of love and how it’s so powerful that one kiss is all it takes for him to get ‘high.’  

JT Hodges really is the whole package, a strong singer, a strong writer (and song interpreter) and a good-looking guy who should easily have a legion of female fans ready to help him become a superstar.