Album Review: Lucy Hale – Road Between

Lucy Hale’s Road Between is finally hitting stores, six months after it was announced. Does the “Pretty Little Liars” TV star deliver the goods on her debut album?

It’d be easy to dismiss Road Between from “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale as a vain cash-in attempt from an actress but if you knew Lucy Hale’s story at all, you’d know that the Memphis, TN native started out as a singer (joining the “American Juniors” band after appearing on that TV program) before acting offers came her way. Now in her early 20s, the talented Hale is the flagship artist for DMG Nashville and worked with Mark Bright and Mike Daly on the recording of Road Between.

While some were still skeptical about her based on the lead single “You Sound Good To Me,” the song still did pretty well, although probably not as well as Lucy and her team had hoped. But it did give Lucy Hale the start she needed for her career to take off as a musical artist. It also sets her up for future hits from Road Between, an album which positions Hale as a contemporary Country music singer with strong songs that should appeal to fans of similar artists like Danielle Bradbery, Cassidee Pope and The Band Perry. 

Hale’s voice is strong throughout the project from the sweet tale of healthy relationships in “From The Backseat” to the melancholic “Red Dress,” a duet with Joe Nichols. Hale’s emotive vocal takes hold of the attitude-filled “Goodbye Gone” and both “Lie A Little Better” and “That’s What I Call Crazy” feel ready to hit radio stations nationwide at some point in the future, both of them about a broken hearted girl (but with different stories, the former about a girl who cannot hide her feelings, the latter about a girl who is done with the boyfriend). But for as good as these songs there are a couple of standouts. First is“Nervous Girls,” a song which showcases Hale’s looking for something different and has a song here that undoubtedly will hit home for any teenage girl or even twenty-something or forty-something woman. It’s a song that could be a big hit on radio if they only would give it a chance and it has sharp, on point lyrics. “Just Another Song” is the other clear standout. “Song” is about those songs which take us back to memories of our lives, and this one, well, it’s about a song that recalls the memories associated with a deep, true love that ended (but for him it’s ‘just another song.’ 

While Road Between will not be an album for everyone, there’s enough here to suggest a singer that could and probably should be around for the years to come as more than just that actress who sometimes sings. After all, Lucy’s first love was singing and it’s evident on Road Between that her Southern roots brought her back home to Country music, where she’s always wanted to be.

Note: There’s also a deluxe version of Road Between available at iTunes and Target.