Dan + Shay Thankful for Social Media to Help Keep Timeline of Success

The rising duo behind the Gold debut hit "19 You + Me" and new single "Show You Off" discuss how the digital age is impacting their career.

These days, many people have the joys of cell phone cameras, Facebook, Twitter and Instragram to remember things as they arise in life. For hot new duo Dan + Shay, the past year has been a complete whirlwind to fame, but they will always have a good timeline to reflect back on to cherish those memories made along the way.

"I think these days I can go back on my Twitter and Instragram to see what we've done," Shay tells Roughstock. "We try to document as much as we can. It's really hard when you're gone all the time. It's definitely a fast pace life, but we try to keep up with it." 

But they have a helping hand keeping everything in order as well. "We're lucky to have our friend on the road with us, too, who has been documenting everything we do with videos and pictures, for better or worse," adds Dan. "He's been capturing every moment, which has been really cool to look back at that. It's all been on YouTube and the Internet. That's going to be really special in a few years, looking back ..."

"We can think, 'Man, I was skinny back then ...'" laughs Shay.

The guys better make room in their cell phones for even more videos and pictures, as later this year they will head out with Blake Shelton on the road, followed by their own headlining trek this fall