Single Review: Kenny Chesney - American Kids

Country music superstar returns with the lead single to his upcoming album for Blue Chair/Columbia. Did he release what'll be the "Song of the Summer" for 2014?

Kenny Chesney scrapped a whole recorded and mastered album in the process of recording the follow-up album to 2013’s Life On A Rock and now he’s finally coming back with his first single from the project. That song, “American Kids” lives up to Kenny’s promise to find the best songs he could for the project. Written by three of the most-recorded songwriters in 2014’s version of Country music, “American Kids” is a groove-filled, tune that blends the best things about the three songwriters, Rodney Clawson’s gift of relatable Americana stories, Shane McAnally’s gift of melody and Luke Laird’s gift of beat-based percussive grooves and textures (that’s not to say that all three writers didn’t contribute to the lyrics, melody or percussive groove). Kenny Chensey’s deliverance of the song is perfect and allows him to have one of his most accessible singles since “Come Over” from Welcome To The Fishbowl.

The song is about how the average American kid grew up and while some will not agree with the experience ported with these lyrics, for most kids in America (who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s) they grew up experiencing parts or all of this story as they grew up. The flair for nostalgia that these gifted songwriters an Chesney himself possess brings “American Kids” to life and the final production of the track easily makes it something radio and fans are certain to eat up and something that should do very, very well for Kenny Chesney as a set-up for his upcoming album for Blue Chair/Columbia Records.