Shenandoah React to Miranda Lambert's "Another Sunday in the South"

Miranda Lambert's new song "Another Sunday In The South" revives interest in the popular 90s Country Music band.

Shenandoah hit it big in the 90s with hits such as "Two Dozen Roses," "The Church on Cumberland Road" and "If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)," but now a whole new generation of country music fans are being introduced to the band. On Miranda Lambert's new album Platinum, the superstar features a track "AnotherSunday In The South," giving a nod to their No. 1 hit "Sunday in the South."

"Every generation of country artists have people who inspired them to do what they do," says Lambert. "At the heart of my country inspiration is Shenandoah. They created a pure sound that takes you back home everytime. And most of us are still trying to replicate that sound today!"
To sweeten the situation for the band, the band's former frontman Marty Raybon is featured on the track, singing with Lambert.

"I remember when Miranda was just getting started she opened up for us in Roanoke, Virginia," recalls Shenandoah drummer Mike McGuire. "We stood next to each other at the edge of the stage watching another opening act play before we went on. What I remember most about her was how shy she seemed at the time. It's been fun to see her develop into a superstar and for her to think enough of Shenandoah to pay tribute to us in her new song is thrilling and humbling all at the same time."

Raybon adds that more could come from him and his bandmates in months to come. "The timing of Miranda's new song is great," he teases. "This might be the wonderful beginning of something that people have been asking me about for the past 17 years."