EP Review: Leah Turner - Leah Turner EP

Columbia Nashville's latest discovery releases her debut EP featuring "Pull Me Back" and "Take The Keys." The EP showcases the talent of the singer/songwriter and promises to get fans excited for her full-length debut album

From the moment “Take The Keys” hit my speakers last fall, I knew Leah Turner was an artist to watch and while I’ve been fortunate enough to hear each of the songs on her first (self-titled) EP since that time, the EP has just hit stores this week (May 6, 2014). The EP features five tracks, songs that likely amount to half of what will eventually be on her full-length album when it hits stores later this year. 

“Take The Keys” is a song about trusting the one you love with your love and life with The car and ‘wild and free’ and keys serving as metaphors for this. The second single “Pull Me Back” showcases Turner’s more softer side with an uptempo, percussive love song that showcases Turner’s powerful vocal as she wants to have her man hold onto even when she tries to push him out of her life. 

There’s more than a little sass and attitude on “My Finger,” a song which fans should fall in love with, if it ever gets to hit radio dials. The production is very contemporary and rockin’ with Leah getting over a man who cheats on her with another man. “Bless My Heart” is a fun twist on the southern “Bless your heart” phrase that often is used by southern women in the USA as a way of being rude with kindness. The other track on this EP is “Beat Up Bronco,” a nice romantic song with a car at the heart of the lyrics. 

Leah Turner EP showcases the titular star’s powerful vocals, her strong songwriting and while some may dislike the production of these songs, the EP definitely works in showcasing why many in Nashville and beyond think she could help break through into the genre’s top tier of stars. The crazy thing is these five songs only scratch the surface of her level of artistry and hopefully we’re only at the beginning of Leah Turner’s musical journey.