Miranda Lambert Talks Confidence That She's Built Over Years

Miranda Lambert's rocking our hearts and minds with Carrie Undewood after last night's "Something Bad" premiere. The superstar opens up about growing up as a star in the spotlight.

When growing up in front of the media, sometimes it can be tough. For Miranda Lambert, she has embraced all things that she has experienced during that time and opens up to Redbook about the changes in her songwriting.

"In my 20s, I was searching for confidence," she tells the magazine. "Now that I'm 30, I've brushed the chip off my shoulder. Back then, I wrote a lot about man problems -- now, I'm not afraid of a love song. I still write about being strong, but I'm not afraid to be vulnerable, too."

Lambert will show all those sides in her upcoming album Platinum. The project will be hitting stores on Tuesday, June 3.


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