Leah Turner's Foundation Has Always Been Based Around Country Music

Powerhouse vocalist behind the hits "Take The Keys" and "Pull Me Back" discusses what Country music means to her career and why she's proud to be a part of the iconic American music genre.

Ever since she can remember, Leah Turner's life involved Country music in some way, shape or form.

"Being raised by a cowboy -- my dad's a professional team roper in the rodeo -- we were gone on the rodeo circuit Thursdaythrough Sunday," explains the singer. "Country music has always been the foundation that I stand on and the soundtrack to my childhood and what I was raised on."

So when it came time for the California girl to pack up and head to Music City, it was a moment of nerves. "I was scared to leave, because I'm really close to my mom and dad," she admits. "I had some amazing opportunities in California, but I never felt settled. I prayed about it, and I hopped a flight on a prayer via Southwest, and was coming back and forth for about a year. Then I just decided I needed to jump in head first, as I do with everything in life. I packed up everything I could in my car, and my bulldog Diesel, and we drove across the country with one of my best friends."

And it has paid off for the singer-songwriter. She is currently on the road opening shows for Brad Paisley this summer.