The Fourth Annual Music Video Madness: Round 3 - The Final Four

For the past few years around March Madness time we have had a special Fan-oriented voting contest for favorite videos. Those who vote are eligible to enter to win a prize pack featuring stuff (CDs, Shirts, Photos) from all 12 of the participating artists! read here for more info and to vote for the final 4!

The Fourth Annual Video Madness tournament is underway and for this year we have 12 competing videos from all levels of country stars, from superstars (Sara Evans, Tracy Lawrence) Rising stars (Jerrod Niemann) to upcoming stars (Joe Bachman, Tyler Farr). Sarah, Tracy and Jerrod are joined by Craig Campbell  in earning first round byes due to their recent success, with Craig Campbell's previous success (winner or Runner-up each year) on each year of this contest gaining him the first round bye. After we ended the first round (Click here to view the first round videos), we had have Sara Evans, Tracy Lawrence, Jerrod Niemann and reigning MVM superstar Craig Campbell face off against the round one winners Joe Bachman, Tyler Farr, Austin Webb and Robby Johnson. In what can be categorized as a surprise, all 4 play-in artists secured enough votes, from over 8,000 votes cast in total over just 3 days, to move on to the Final four round this weekend. 

The Music Video Madness Contenders

Austin Webb, Joe Bachman, Robby Johnson, Tyler Farr advance to the finals after facing off against Craig Campbell, Sara Evans, Jerrod Niemann and Tracy Lawrence in round two. They also defeeated Katie Armiger, Natalie Stovall and the Drive, The Black Lillies and Small Town Pistols in the first round of The 4th Annual Music Video Madness

How Music Video Madness Works

In the first region, the Honky Tonk Region, Joe Bachman defeated Country powerhouse Sara Evans with a late push to take over the lead and ended up garnering 60% of the votes. In the Country Must Be Country Wide region (region 2), Robby Johnson's viral video hit "South Of Me" continues to impress as it defeated Jerrod Niemann with over 70% of the vote. These two artists will face off this weekend to see who will win the final round which takes place Monday-Wednesday next week. Their potential opponent in round 4 (The Championship Round) will come from either the Southern Star region winner Austin Webb (who had 56% of the vote) or Country 4 Life region winner Tyler Farr. Austin Webb's defeat of Craig Campbell's "Keep Them Kisses Comin'" is the biggest surprise in the history of Music Video Madness because of Campbell's previous finshes of first or second place in the event. This year, that reign ends thanks to a brilliant video and song from rising star Austin Webb and his fans. Farr defeated Tracy lawrence in the closest of contests, taking home 54% of his region's votes with "Whiskey In My Water" over Lawrence's "Lie."

After this weekend, next week we'll see the final two winners will battle to see who will follow Craig Campbell, Andy Gibson and Aaron Lewis in being crowned the winner of the Roughstock's Annual Music Video Madness. 

While all these video votes are in good fun, we have a handful of prize packs to give away featuring swag (CDs and/or photos, shirts, hats, etc) from EACH artist in the contest so that means if you win that contest you will get something cool from each artist, not just one item from each of the artists.

VOTING RUNS FROM APRIL 4 to APRIL 7. ROUND 3 (Final 4 videos) starts APRIL 4 and will Run through APRIL 7. APRIL 8-10 will be the final Championship round.

The Games

Now that you know how to play, here are the videos you can vote for. After watching the videos, you can vote at the bottom of the page. You will be able to vote as many times as you like but you will have to vote for each region, just like you'd pick a team in a basketball tournament bracket.

Region 1 Winner vs. Region 2 Winner Matchup:

Region 1 winner Joe Bachman "Lookatchu" takes on Region 2 winner, Robby Johnson "South Of Me." They'll fight it out this weekend (with your voting helping them) to see who will take on the winner of Region 3 vs Region 4 (Austin Webb "Slip On By" or Tyler Farr "Whiskey In My Water").

Region 1 winner Joe Bachman "Lookatchu": 

Region 2 winner Robby Johnson "SouthofMe":

Region 3 winner versus region 4 winner Matchup:

Austin Webb's "Slip On By" takes on Tyler Farr's "Whiskey In My Water" to see who will take on either Region 1's Joe Bachman "Lookatchu" or Robby Johnson's "South Of Me." 

Region 3 winner Austin Webb "Slip On By":

Region 4 winner Tyler Farr "Whiskey In My Water":

Now Vote (you Must vote for one video in each region). You can vote as often as you want.

*Note: to vote as often as you want you'll need to refresh after completing the poll, if you do not answer each question, the poll will be invalid.

*3rd Round of Voting for The Final 4 Videos will run Through Sunday, 12:00 Midnight Pacific Time. The Final Championship Round will start Tuesday, April 8.



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