Album Review: Sundy Best - Bring Up The Sun

There's been a lot of great new music released in 2014's first 9 weeks but we have a feeling that Bring Up The Sun may be one of the best releases so far. Continue on here to see why we think it's such a strong album from Kentucky's newcomers Sundy Best.

“These Days” is one of the early songs released from the project and accentuates the bands’ raw and real feel while new single (at album release) “Until I Met You” feels like the kind of percussive song that Country radio has been all about the past few years and perfectly showcases what makes Sundy Best stand out. They create music that is radio-ready but has lyrics that don’t succumb to the trends that many other singer/songwriters do. For one, except for opening track “Count On Me,” each song is solely written by either Kris or Nick, which is a rarity these days. The song just have a different, unique feel to them.

This is the kind of music that could find a home in Texas if the band chose to go that route but I get the sense that they want to have their music reach as many people as possible which is how — even when there’s something profound being said lyrically — there’s a feel-good vibe to their songs. They have the same artistic integrity of an Amos Lee or a Zac Brown Band, as songs like “Mean Old Woman, “I Wanna Go Home,” "Thunder," “Beautiful Mess,” and “Lily” suggest. Sundy Best is the kind of band that really should have a chance to break out big as the 15 tracks on Bring Up The Sun suggest. This is an album that's best left to be discovered than dissected. Just believe us when we say if you like real, honest music, you should buy a copy of Bring Up The Sun by Sundy Best.