Single Review: Eric Paslay – Song About A Girl


The lyrics are, for lack of a proper wording, refreshing. Yes, it’s an uptempo song, yes, it mentions tailgates, bonfires, backroads, water towers, trucks and drinking. But instead of being about these songs, “Song About A Girl” is instead EXACTLY about what the song title says it is. It is a moody, melodic slice of modern Country music with an inviting melody and a sing-a-long chorus. The attitude in the lyrics of the verses are clear as day and sometimes that’s all you need to have something — which is matched with Marshall Altman’s production with “ooo-oh” interplaying with percussive banjos and rhythmic bass.

The song, for as modern as it is, still feels like the kind of song that could’ve been a hit in any era and that’s exactly why Eric Paslay is one of the most-exciting newcomers to hit the charts in the past few years.