Single Review: Luke Bryan - Play It Again

With a string of hits matched by only a handful of artists, Luke Bryan is clearly one of Country Music's top stars. Will "Play It Agian" help keep the Platinum-selling reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year in the penthouse? Let's find out here!

Luke Bryan has been on a major roll with a seemingly endless string of chart-topping hits that only the A-list artists seem to get. While this means he could probably burp the alphabet and make it a hit, Luke found a style and sound which is unique to him (if not since copied by others). The Georgia native’s latest single from Crash My Party, “Play It Again,” is a song which mixes an anthem of a chorus with a story about an aw-shucks kind of guy who finds a pretty girl who loves to sing along to the songs on the radio, particularly ‘her song.’

Having grown up in the sticks which so often serve as the setting for songs like “Play It Again,” I can attest to the fact that people do indeed sit there and listen to the radio, even if they now have access to instantly listen to songs over an over again. “Play It Again” gets at that emotion that hits young people who are full of life, particularly the fairer sex, who love to get up and dance and sing-a-long to “their song” of that particular moment. “Play It Again”’s writers Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley certainly have experienced that moment when somebody says “oh my god, this is my song” as the girl in the track does and Luke Bryan sells the song with all of the charm needed for it.

“Play It Again” doesn’t have the ‘heavy’ ‘song of the year’ feel that “Drink A Beer” did but it doesn’t have to. We’re hitting springtime in 2014 and for the spring/summer time of 2014, “Play It Again” is perhaps the perfect single.