Single Review: Dustin Lynch - Where It's At

With "Where It's At," Dustin Lynch returns with the first new music from his upcoming sophomore release for Broken Bow Records. Continue here to see what we think of the song and its chances for success here!

“Where It’s At” has all the elements of a mainstream hit, from catchy jangly lead guitars to Dustin Lynch’s strong voice singing a rhythmic melody about what draws him to the girl of his dream. The whole vibe of “Where it’s At” (which was produced by Mickey Jack Cones) feels familiar yet new, another hallmark of a big hit. The little “Yep, yep” addition to the chorus is certainly something that adds to the likability to “Where It’s At” for me and likely millions of fans as the song feels like the kind of hit DL’s been really looking for since “Cowboys And Angels” hit in 2012. 

The song may not be the raucous vibe of those follow-up hits to “Cowboys And Angels” nor is as ‘traditionalist’ as that song, but it’s a nice balance with the Cary Barlowe, Zach Crowell and Matt Jenkins-penned song serving up a like ability factor that “Cowboys And Angels” also had. “Where It Is” may not be “traditional” but it’s still also clearly a Country song, even if the production is different from anything on Dustin Lynch

While some of the fans hoping for DL to bring the “Traditionalist” vibe back to the airwaves, he’s not completely abandoning his traditional style on the actual album tracks, not unlike Broken Bow Label Group mates Randy Houser and Joe Nichols, great singers with ‘traditionalist’ pasts who’ve managed to be fresh and current and maintain their artistic identities along the way. Dustin Lynch is doing just that with the remarkable, easily likable “Where It Is,” a song which should easily hit the Top 10 on radio and be a huge seller for Dustin Lynch.