EP Review: Luke Bryan - Spring Break 6...Like We Ain't Ever

Luke Bryan's been able to cultivate a core audience by singing to the college-aged fans who supported him from the beginning (and at the same places he used to visit in his college days). Get the full scoop about Spring Break 6...Like We Ain't Ever here.

The EP is the largest he’s released yet (outside of his regular albums) and that gives Luke more room to connect with his audience, particularly on the title track, a song as strong as anything on his albums and in fact, this one was written from his perspective as the entertainer entertaining these young kids out to party during their spring break from University. “Night One” is a sweet little song of youthful lust masked as love on the final night and the feelings of wanting to have met his Spring Break girlfriend on ‘night one’ instead. “Are You Leaving With Him” is another song that could hit one of Luke’s regular albums (it’s less ‘spring break themed’) but in reality, any of these songs could’ve been part of his albums if not reserved for the annual EPs.

While these aren’t meant to be serious or heavy albums, it is still nice that an artist of Luke Bryan’s stature continues to record music which he has no intention of releasing to radio (outside maybe SiriusXM) and which also come out like clockwork, usually right between album release cycles. It’s a smart, fun collection of songs which no doubt is appreciated by his core audience, many of whom started out following the superstar at a Spring Break concert six or more years ago.

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