EP Review: Sarah Davidson - Sarah Davidson EP

With this debut EP, Sarah Davidson has finally gotten music out in stores for fans to enjoy. Given her high-profile spotlight on TNT's "The Private Lives of Nashville Wives" does Davidson have the songs to suggest stardom or even potential for stardom? Lets find out here!

While perhaps best known most for her star turn on TNT’s “Private Lives of Nashville Wives,” Sarah Davidson has been building towards this moment, the release of her self-titled debut EP. After years of working on her craft Sarah has finally found a partner to release her music in Suretone Records. The singer’s brand of Country Music should sound and feel familiar to anyone who likes solid, down the middle accessible, mainstream country music. 

The Belmont Univeristy graduate released “Drink You Up” as the lead single from the EP and as it builds airplay around the country, she’s released this five track EP. The funny thing is that “Drink You Up” may be my least-favorite track on the EP. Sarah co-wrote “Ride Around” with her now Ex-husband Dallas Davidson and the song stands out as one of the best tracks on the EP. It’s youthful, flirty and fun, the kind of female answer to the plethora of country male songs about driving around in trucks. Yep, she wants to do it as much as the guys do. 

There’s nothing like a strong sad song or power ballad to showcase an artist’s talent and “Get Out” serves as that song with swirling strings and lyrics about a break up. (Was this song recorded after her break-up from Dallas?) What’s actually refreshing is that Sarah doesn’t get all melismatic on the final chorus, something we’ve all been trained to love. It’s subdued without losing any of the emotional impact. “No Sad Songs” and “Run Wild” close out the EP on a much happier note and allow Davidson to showcase more of the attitude and positivity and the fun side of her personality. “No Sad Songs” is the kind song that many people wanna hear at bars instead of listening to songs like “Get Out” before it while “Run Wild” showcases Davidson’s vocal where she recalls Kellie Pickler just more than a little bit, something that isn’t bad in my eyes. 

In the end, there may not be the true break-out track at radio from this EP (maybe “Ride Around”) but Sarah Davidson EP does showcase a bright artistic future for Sarah Davidson. The potential for stardom is here if she can find (and/or write) the right songs and come out with them at just the right time, always the hardest part of any artistic endeavor.

Note: The EP available at Walmart stores includes the theme song for TNT's "Private Lives of Nashville Wives."