Leah Turner Announces "Pull Me Back" As Second Single

For her follow-up act to the Top 40 "Take The Keys," Leah Turner has annoucned that "Pull Me Back" will be her next single. Take a look here to see what Leah -- one of our 2014 artists to watch -- has to say about the song's selection as her second single!

Country newcomer Leah Turner recently notched her first Top 40 Country hit with "Take The Keys," and she'll soon be hitting radio with the follow-up. Next month will see the release of Turner's new single "Pull Me Back," which she co-wrote with Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins. The song, which shows a vulerable side to the normally feisty artist, is from her upcoming album for Columbia Nashville. The singer's connection to the song is deep, as she showcases below.

Turner says, “'Pull Me Back' is a song about a personal experience I went through not that long ago.We have all been there, where the far corner of the bed seems like a better place to hug than the one laying next to you. Sometimes pride can get the best of you in a relationship. You push away someone you care about to protect yourself from being hurt, when what you really want to say is ‘I want you to be strong enough to break down my walls and pull me back.’"

She continues, “Being truly vulnerable in a relationship requires a certain bravery and strength. Pushing away may seem like the smartest and easiest thing to do, but it’s the moment you’re pulled back that the healing starts.”

Turner will perform the song live Friday at the 22nd annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival and this Saturday at the Grand Ole Opry. You can now Buy "Pull Me Back" from iTunes. Signed to Columbia Nashville in July of 2013, Leah is one of our Artists to watch in 2014

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