Single Review: Leah Turner - Pull Me Back

Set to be released to radio in April, Pull Me Back" is the follow-up to Leah Turner's Top 40 debut single "Take The Keys." Check out what we have to say about our 2014 Artist to Watch and her sophomore radio single for Columbia Nashville.

"Pull Me Back" is an interesting take on the conflicts of a relationship at a low point. The opening verses paint the image very clearly: "Feels like there's miles and miles between us in this bed / We're lying back to back, a half-inch from the edge…" She knows the sparks aren't flying, and throughout, she clearly displays the struggle of someone who isn't entirely sure to make amends or call it quits — as she puts it, "Even when I push you away, you pull me back." The production is a swirling mix of guitars, mandolin, and strings that somehow never gets cluttered or over-compressed, with a heavy backbeat and catchy melody that bring to mind some of Kelly Clarkson's edgier work. Much like "Take the Keys," it's an already tight song elevated to greatness by a highly distinct voice and production.

And that, perhaps, is Leah's ace in the hole. She sounds like absolutely no one else on radio right now, and I can hardly even think of any past artists with a similar style. That said, she does bring to mind Miranda Lambert, who started off with an "edge" right out of the gate, and refused to compromise her edginess even when radio was refusing to grant her a Top 10 hit — but in the end, it all worked out, as Miranda is now an A-lister. It may or may not take Leah three albums to score a #1 hit like it did Miranda, but if radio can keep playing Leah in any capacity for an extended period of time, then I can't argue.