Single Review: Miranda Lambert - Automatic

With "Automatic," Miranda Lambert follows up her hit-making album Four The Record with a single that suggests she's willing to go new places wthout losing what helped her get there to begin with. Take a look at what we think of the new single "Automatic" here!

Nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia can be bad but Miranda talks about many things that have changed in this world, from instant email, from courting in relationships or potential relationships, staying married instead of divorcing when things get tough lamenting “everything seemed to be better back then, back before everything became automatic.”

It’s a strong single, there’s no crazy drum machine just because every one is doing that, nothing about parties, pickup trucks to meet boys (not that many female artists sing these types of songs). “Automatic” screams hit and it should easily be the fastest-rising hit of her career and maybe even top “Baggage Clam” biggest, highest-charting lead-off single of her career to date.

Listen to Miranda Lambert "Automatic" here!

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