Story Behind The Song: Jake Owen - Beachin'

In this exclusive to Roughstock, The Cadillac Three's frontman and popular songwriter Jaren Johnston talks with us about what inspired him to write the song "Beachin'" and how it came to be on Jake Owen's album. Continue on here to find out how the song came into existence.

It's hard to turn on the radio these days and not see a song that was penned by The Cadillac Three's frontman, Jaren Johnston. Well with Jake Owen's new single, "Beachin'," hitting airwaves, he once again has an instant hit on his hands. Johnston wrote the new tune with fellow hitmakers Jimmy Robbins and Jon Nite. Roughstock recently caught up with Johnston where we talked about the day the three created "Beachin'."

"I came in there, and at the time, [Kenny] Chesney was picking songs for the island record (Life On A Rock) that he did a while back with 'Pirate Flag' and all that stuff on it," Johnston tells Roughstock. "Originally when we got through it, I was like, 'Man, this would be great for Chesney.' So I called him and told him I was going to send him a song. He got it and listened to it, and told me it was cool, but he was kind of done with the album. 

"I kind of went back in, and we changed it up a bit because I knew that Jake was cutting (Days Of Gold), because I already had a couple of songs cut with him for that record," Johnston adds. "I wanted to make the verses more Shawn Mullins-like. We got through that first chorus, and we all thought it would be perfect for Jake. It was totally his world ... he's super on the water all the time, always on the beach or on a boat or whatever. I sent it to him the next morning, and he hit me back immediately saying he wanted to play it for his producers, and here we are!"

Here's an EXCLUSIVE Photo featuring songwriter Jaren Johnston holding up the Single.