Album Review: Cole Swindell - Cole Swindell

"Chillin' It" announced his arrival as a singer/songwriter to watch while also becoming his first big hit. This album suggests that Cole Swindell is going to be here to stay as yet another likeable guy with an everyday, easy going charm to him. See our full review of Cole Swindell here!

Both of “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” and “I Just Want You” showcase a different side to Cole Swindell than people may have expected through hearing just “Chillin’ It.” They’re both potential smash hits for radio and the former (written with Michael Carter, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard) has a strong groove to it while the latter finds Cole in romantic ballad mode stating all the reasons why he wants to be with the girl he’s with. “Dozen Roses & A Six-Pack” finds Cole singing about trying to make up with a girl with a great line that involves the title track (I’ve got a dozen roses if she comes back home and a six pack she don’t”) while “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” is a song about as different than “I Just Want You” in that he’s not worried about a past relationship and is perfectly content to be there.

Cole wrote all but one of the tracks on Cole Swindell and the lone outside-sourced song is “Swayin’,” A song written by hit makers Ashley Gorley, Chris DeStefano and Rhett Akins. It’s a nice mid-tempo love song about having a blast at a concert with the one you love, and enjoying the time together, even if they can barely see the band performing at the arena. Cole sings about his friends and hometown buddies on “Down Home Boys” while “Brought To You By Beer” is just fun. The record closes out with what may be the best track on the album, “The Back Roads & The Back Road,” another song about his life.

By letting the music speak for him we find out that there’s a easy-going charm to the music that Cole Swindell makes and the man himself. It's an album that's easily likeable and one that should provide fans and radio many hits in the year or two to come.

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