Single Review: David Nail - Kiss You Tonight

David Nail is coming off of the biggest hit of his career with "Whatever She's Got" and is looking to break a stream where he's up and down with singles which radio likes. Take a look here to see what we think of "Kiss You Tonight," the second single from I'm A Fire.

The song isn’t like anything else on radio and in fact reminds me of stuff from Eli Young Band’s stuff which isn’t surprising given that both acts share Frank Liddell as one of their producers. Written by Jay Knowles, Trent Summar and rock singer/songwriter David Cook, “Kiss You Tonight” finds David singing about wanting to be with the former girl in his life to get over the bad things in the world, if he can be with her. It’s not an uncommon theme in Country music’s hits through the years and it should certainly help David Nail here, as he sings about wanting redemption with the lost girl of his dreams.

When you add David Nail’s stellar vocal delivery along with the relatable “I messed up” message, it’s hard to see how this one doesn’t break the up and down streak of David Nail’s career (a similar streak which once afflicted a star like Blake Shelton).