Single Review: Lucy Hale – You Sound Good To Me

One of our Ones To Watch In 2014, Lucy Hale has delivered her debut single to radio, a single which immediately showcases the Pretty Little Liars actress’ immesne talent. But is talent enough to suggest a future big star in Country Music?

“You Sound Good To Me” finds Lucy Hale discussing youthful love and early relationships in the lyrics while showcasing a voice that certainly suggests that Lucy has more than listened to stars like Faith Hill and Martina McBride as she showcases a powerful voice that gets above the slightly cluttered musical arrangement. It all works and it works very well. 

It’d be very easy to dismiss Lucy Hale as yet another ‘Hollywood’ actor trying to ‘cash in’ on Country music’s popularity yet when you dig into Lucy Hale’s history, the fact that she’s from Tennessee and has been singing longer than she’s been acting, it’s easier to realize why she’s starting a Country music career. She’s not another confection of some machine. She’s a genuinely talented and “You Sound Good To Me” proves it.

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