Story Behind the Song: Craig Campbell - "Keep Them Kisses Comin

With "Outta My Head" setting records for the most time spent on the Top 40 of the Billboard Country Charts (over one year long), Craig Campbell's hoping for a quicker ride with the follow-up single from Never Regret. Find out how the song's writers came to craft the single here!

Two-thirds of Nashville's hottest writing trio -- The Peach Pickers -- are at it again. Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip have penned the new hit from Craig Campbell, "Keep Them Kisses Comin'," that fans and country radio can't get enough of these days. Roughstock recently chatted with Hayslip about the day the two hashed out yet another hit in their never-ending song catalog.

"That was a title I had for probably a year, and I had thrown it out there for several people," Hayslip tells Roughstock. "For whatever reason, it just didn’t get written. So when Dallas and I got together that day, I threw that idea out there and he loved it. So we went after it. Dallas came up with that cool melody on that song. I think we wrote that song in an hour and a half, tops. It was a pretty fast song. Pretty soon after we wrote it, Craig Campbell heard it. Not many people heard that song, but Craig loved it from the get-go. We wrote it around the first of last year, and it’s just now coming out. It worked out pretty good. Craig’s a Georgia boy and we’re Georgia boys. I’m happy to have a single on him"