Single Review: Rascal Flatts - Rewind

Rascal Flatts has managed to stay popular and at the top of the charts for a lot longer than most by being able to stay ahead or right with the trends. With "Rewind," the band sounds more fresh and 'current' than perhaps any track off of their past three albums. See what we think of the song here.

Known for strong harmonies, lead vocalist Gary LeVox’ powerful, rangy voice and pop-leaning country music, Rascal Flatts seems perfectly poised to remain one of the top stars in all of Country Music with the modern sonic trends and production values. With “Rewind” the trio of LeVox, Jay Demarcus and Joe Don Rooney delivers the kind of song that is of the moment while also fitting nicely within the band’s past catalog.

In many ways it has what I like most about LeVox, his lower (or regular) vocal register throughout the track. The harmonies from Demarcus and Rooney blend nicely bringing a touch of the trio’s earlier sound into this modern production of programmed beats and lyrical cadence. The lyrics tell a story of a guy who falls head over heels in love with his girl that he wants to relive a perfect night in their relationship. It’s a strong lyric even if the whole thing (including a Beatles-like lead guitar weaved under the programmed percussive beats) feels like something that any of the top stars could score a hit with.  

That being said, the harmonies from the trio mean that very few bands — if any — could give the song the sound that is presented here exactly as Rascal Flatts have done it. While I have no doubts that Rascal Flatts are ready to deliver more power ballads on their upcoming album, this new song is fresh and different for the band and that alone should help it become both a massive radio hit and a popular sales leader on the Digital Single sales chart. It’s also one of their best uptempo singles in years.

LISTEN TO "REWIND" HERE (a 1:35 minute long preview)