Single Review: Easton Corbin - Clockwork

With "Clockwork," Easton Corbin is returning to radio with the lead single from his upcoming third album for MCA Records. Both of his previous albums Easton Corbin  and All Over The Road featuerd Chart-topping hits. Take a look at what we think of the young star's latest tune here.

It’s a strange thing to hear Easton Corbin — one of Country music’s few neo-traditionalists in the mainstream — sing a song which sounds as if written to fit within a current ‘trendy’ sound. It means that the melody of “Clockwork” could be cumbersome for Corbin’s vocal to overcome but after taking a couple of listens to “Clockwork,” it seems to fit Easton Corbin more, not unlike what Joe Nichols has done with his latest album Crickets. 

“Clockwork” is basically about a man who ends up being the booty call for a girl on a weekly basis and it deals with the emotions of having to go through the motions with this girl every week. He lets her in, has fun with her but after she leaves he has to deal with the ramifications of what just happened. Every week.  

As far as lead singles from upcoming albums go, “Clockwork” is the kind of song which SHOULD do well at radio. It has the contemporary melody —there’s even audible steel guitar fills — and a solid vocal from Easton Corbin but after “All Over The Road” failed to ‘sell’ many digital singles, “Clockwork” could suffer a similar fate because “Clockwork” doesn’t scream ‘instant hit’ the way Corbin’s “A Little More Country Than That” did, but like “Lovin’ You Is Fun,” it’s the kind of ‘long-tail’ grower of a hit which should ultimately become one of Easton Corbin’s biggest hits.