Single Review: The Cadillac Three – The South

With “The South,” The Cadillac Three are ready to take Country music radio by storm with an infectious love letter to everything Southern. Take a look here to see what we think about “The South”!

Loud, proud and ready to melt your faces off, The Cadillac Three have released a single that does just that. Featuring melodies and guitars which are more southern rock than bro country, “The South” is the kind of sing-a-long rave-up that any band would be lucky to have as their introductory single to radio. Fronted by songwriter Jaren Johnston, The Cadillac Three have a fun little debut single in “The South,” a loving ode to everything they love about, well, The South. 

The guitars are swampy and loud (with a little 80s thrown in) while Johnston’s distinctive wail is joined by Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line and Mike Eli on the refrain of the song and it’s there’s some nice lyrical choices (referenes to Don Williams and Patsy Cline) and an overall understanding of what can make an artist unique, “The South” should easily help announce the arrival of a new artist worthy of America’s attention. The band may have had some fits and starts in the past five years or so but they’re all the better for it on this rockin’ country rocker that really has me feeling that The Cadillac Three could be the modern Country version of Aerosmith. And that’s a good thing in my book.