Single Review: Hunter Hayes - Invisible

Hunter Hayes's debut album certainly suggested that a new superstar had arrived in country music and last year's ENCORE version of the album further cemented that status. Does this single, which he debuted on The Grammy Awards in late January 2014, continue the trend?

Written by Hunter Hayes with Bonnie Baker and Katrina Elam, "Invisible"reveals some of the bullying Hunter Hayes experienced while growing up and turns it into a song of hope for the legions of fans who've been fighting an inner struggle with who they are because of what other people have to say about them in School, in society, wherever. It's a powerful performance with an acoustic buildup which showcases Hunter Hayes' ability to craft a song which fits his strengths.

The melody has more going for it than many songs in the mainstream than many other songs, and the lyrics are clearly the star of the show. Hunter Hayes is coming from a place of experience but don't think that anyone older than 21 or 22 cannot relate to "Invisible" because like any song, the moment it hits the market, the meaning of the song will change for those that hear it. It can be a song about accpeting who you are, what you do and celebrating yourself for being different. It's song for the outsiders, those kids, those adults and those people who dare to be different. "Invisible" is for the people who know who they are and those that celebrate that difference. It is for diversity, it's for inclusveness, it's for everything the world should be about. In other words, it's about real life and that means "Invisible" is as 'Country' a Country song can get in 2014's mainstream Country music.

For Hunter Hayes, that was being a child prodigy who performed music and by him not conforming to what his classmates growing up thought he should be (like them), he rose above it, even if it was hard to do at the time.  This is a powerful, powerful song. "Invisible" has the chance to rivial the impact that "Wanted" has had for Hunter Hayes. It also reminds me of why we should persevere through things like bullying when children and why things do get better. Because even when we're in that moment it's not as bad as it ever seems and, as we get away from that moment, we realize how much we miss by being consumed by it. So, as Hunter Hayes says in the song, "...there's so much more to life  than what you're feeling now, Someday you'll look back on these days and all the pain is gonna be...Invisible." Indeed, Hunter, indeed.

(Read the lyrics to Hunter Hayes "Invisible" here)


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