Single Review: Joel Crouse - Why God Made Love Songs

With "Why God Made Love Songs" has been released by Show Dog-Universal, giving Joel Crouse his proper follow-up to the Top 40 debut hit "If You Want Some." Read our thoughts about the new single here!

Get ready to bob your head and tap your feet along with Joel Crouse’s newest single, “God Made Love Songs.” This fun, upbeat tune is catchy and when listening listen to it, it just makes me happy.  Crouse, a Show Dog-Universal artist, sings with emotive feeling with every lyric in this song. 

In the first verse of the song, we are reminded of what a young love is like. The awkward moments, the longing stares… the first kisses.  The second verse, describes an older couple who still have that flame, even after the children and grandchildren are grown and gone. 

The words describe how powerful a love song is.  “There ain’t nothing that could start a fire, break down walls, lift you higher, while you sing along, ain’t it something how it can take you back to another time, like you never left ... that’s why God mad a love song.”

Joel nailed it; Just nailed it. Songs are meant to evoke emotion and every love song holds a special place in someone’s heart. This song, in the simplest way, reminds how music touches our souls and never leaves. It’s mainstream, it fits with what we are hearing on the radio and will certainly find it’s way to the top of the charts. It makes me want to dance in my seat, it brings back memories and it makes me smile. Thumbs up Joel Crouse.