Single Review: Charlie Worsham - Want Me Too

Charlie Worsham had a strong start with "Could It Be" and now is looking to break out with "Want Me Too." Does the singer/songwriter and expert musician have the goods to do that with the single? Let's find out here!

And pick a good one he did. "Want Me Too" is a little heavier than "Could It Be," with a stronger beat and more electric guitar than its predcessor, but it's no less of a throwback. The Diamond Rio-meets-Keith Urban sound he's forged is every bit as evident. Sure, it's about making advances on a girl, but it feels more natural than others of its ilk: "You got a lock on your heart, it's chained in the dark / Somehow you lost the key / You said you tried everything to get love back again / But baby you ain't tried me." Of particular interest is the clever use of homophones — the verse uses "want me to," while the verse changes it to "want me too." The "ooh ooh oohs" on the chorus are mostly inobtrusive, and probably the only part of the song that sounds more "modernized" than the rest. As with his debut single, the production is uncluttered, allowing plenty of room for his airy tenor.

Lately, so many new artists who have a somewhat high-peaking first single will peak about 15-20 positions lower with each successive single. (Jana Kramer, Kacey Musgraves, and Dustin Lynch all come to mind.) But Charlie Worsham has nowhere to go but up — "Could It Be" hung around for quite a while, and "Want Me Too" has a bit of momentum going for it already. It also has a great set of lyrics and standout production while still keeping an air of radio-friendliness to it, so it should easily be poised to be no less than a second Top 15 hit for a very promising newcomer.