Album Review: Charlie Farley - Hog Heaven

Charlie Farley has been steadily making his way up the Southern Country/Rap genre with a unique style that has found him quickly among the genre's best, all before delivering an official album to market. Take a look here to see what we think of his BackRoads Records/Average Joes debut Hog Heaven.

It was kind of a big deal when Eminem, a white rapper from Detroit came on the music scene in the late 90s. But what happens in 2014 when a Country/rapper from Arkansas raps about booze, trucks, the backwoods and dirt roads? Charlie Farley, that’s what.  The hybrid country/rap genre  - Hick-Hop, C-RAP, C.R.A.P, or Country rap -- whatever you choose to call -- it is becoming increasingly popular among what I like to call the “Twangstas.” These good ole country boys who listened to rap growing up are now infusing their lifestyles with the genre they once loved.  Charley Farley’s debut album Hog Heaven seamlessly connects the country way of life with a Hip Hop blend.

Hog Heaven, Charlie Farley’s debut album, includes songs like “Jacked Up,” “Rock Till I Drop,” “When the Tailgate Drops,” “Backwoods Boys,” and “Backroads life” so there is no denying the subject matter. But while some of the songs are pretty far onto the rap spectrum, there are a few on the album that are more mellowed out and tagged with unique collaborations.  Average Joe’s label mate Daniel Lee, has his part in “Backwoods Boys,” a song about living a simple life in the backwoods. This is a life that is all they have ever known. While Farley raps the verses, Daniel Lee provides his southern Country/rock voice in the chorus. It’s the perfect blend of styles, and it’s certainly a partnership that works.

“What’s Good for the Goose” is another slowed down track that has a catchy chorus.  A head bobbing, drama filled, in your face song about cheating.  What’s Good for the Goose, could also be referred to as the song, Karma is a B*.

With his rap core, Farley flexes his Hip Hop muscles on tracks like; “Rock Till I Drop,” “When the Tailgate Drops,” “Stabbin Cabin,” and the title track,  “Hog Heaven.”  And while you will either love this style of music or love to hate it, one thing it certain, it is here to stay. Country/rap has carved off a nice little space in the music spectrum and Charlie Farley, with Hog Heaven, could be a leading contender.

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