Single Review: Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood – The Call

Garth Brooks is returning in a big way with a new tour in 2014 and also has new music in stores. Featured on the DVD for his Wynn Las Vegas residency, “The Call” is also the first all-new music since “The Ultimate Hits” was released in 2007/2008. Will it be a hit?

At only two minutes, 27 seconds Garth Brooks’ first all-new single in ages is an interesting one. A classic-sounding duet  with wife Trisha Yearwood, (or “Miss Trisha Yearwood” as he calls her), “The Call” has all the ingredients to be a nice little hit. First of all, it’s a Garth Brooks single. Second of all, it features Trisha Yearwood. Third, it is a uniquely identifiable track. Finally, it’s a Garth Brooks single. 

The short song features three chorus/verses all tied together in a simple approach that just suits Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. They harmonize better than perhaps anyone not related or Little Big Town and that, too, is something that’s missing from Country music. While this acoustic-based track may be too quiet to be a #1 hit, it should at least do well enough to get fans (and radio) interested in what the iconic Brooks and Yearwood have in store for 2014.