Story Behind The Song: Brad Paisley - I Can't Change The World

Brad Paisley is once again making an impact on country music with his latest single, "I Can't Change the World." Hear from one of his co-writers about how the song came to be written, Exclusively here on Roughstock. 

Brad Paisley is once again making an impact on country music with his latest single, "I Can't Change the World." Paisley co-wrote the tune along with two of his key songwriters in his career -- Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois. While the song came late in the process of recording his latest album, the song was a pivotal tune that helped shape the album when all was said and done.

"This was Brad's idea, totally," Lovelace tells Roughstock of the day the three wrote the song. "He had the idea and the whole hook. He kind of threw it out in the beginning of the project, which I really loved. I thought it was a great idea, and he could have written by himself if he wanted to. We were maybe 75% of the way done with the project, and we started talking about that idea again. I think it was on a night we didn't have anything else going. He mentioned that. Me and Chris were like, 'Well we love that ... we can work on that.' We talked about it for a little while. He wanted it to be really different. We worked on it a couple of different times.

"It really took off when we were in the studio," continues Lovelace. "Brad has a studio in his barn, and he's down there all the time ... tweaking on mixes and stuff like that. He's down there all the time when he's recording. It got to be between 12 and 1 at night, and we were kind of stumbling around. We didn't have any great lines. It was late and everybody was tired. We really didn't know what the song should be. He goes, 'Let me just go in and sing something and just record me.' He went in there, and I said, 'What are you going to sing? We don't have any lines.' He goes, 'Oh, we'll think of something.' So we just played the track over and over again, and then he started spitting out a few things. It started to get really good because he was spitting things out that were really real and very non-written. I was looking back at Chris like, 'Wow! This is good!' He was just feeling it and in his zone.

"I think the song progresses and gets better as it goes on, even production wise," adds Lovelace."I just love the realness of the song from the bridge on out."