Single Review: Leah Turner - Take The Keys

One of the strongest vocalists to emerge in 2013, Leah Turner -- Columbia Nashville's latest discovery -- is set to take the music world by storm with "Take The Keys," as strong as a modern Country single can get.

Some will think Leah Turner is nothing a pop artist masquerading in Country music but like Shania Twain, she makes her natural pop/rock tendencies work within a modern Country music environment. “Take The Keys” is just the opening salvo for what Leah Turner has in her arsenal and from what I’ve heard to date, there’s more where “Take The Keys” comes from. The single is just downright strong. The vocals power through the speakers, backed by a rollicking, tempo-filled mandolin lead melody and they make you stop and pay attention. The lyrics use the metaphor of driving a car for taking her heart and falling into love.

Again, Leah Turner’s a talented vocalist with a unique sound that’s unlike anyone else in Country Music and has the ability to to become the next great female superstar and “Take The Keys” should help her get there. Hopefully, it will.