Eric Paslay “Eric Paslay” Tracklist and Cover Art

Set to be released February 4, 2014, Eric Paslay is the culmination of a long road of ups and downs for the rising star behind the hit “Friday Night” and the writer of hits like “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” Get to know more about Eric Paslay’s upcoming debut album here!

Eric Paslay’s Eric Paslay Track Listing:

1.   “Keep On Fallin’” (Written by Eric Paslay, Matt Nolan and Skip Black)

2.  “Friday Night” (Written by Eric Paslay, Rose Falcon and Rob Crosby)

3.  “Less Than Whole” (Written by Eric Paslay and Kenny Alphin)

4.  “Country Side Of Heaven” (Written by Eric Paslay, Dylan Altman and Shane McAnally)

5.  “Never Really Wanted” (Written by Eric Paslay and Walt Aldridge)

6.  “Here Comes Love” (Written by Eric Paslay and Anthony Cappolino)

7.  “Like A Song” (Written by Eric Paslay and Jason Delkou)

8.  “Good With Wine” (Written by Eric Paslay, Jessi Alexander and Gordie Sampson)

9.  “She Don’t Love You” (Written by Eric Paslay and Jennifer Wayne)

10. “Song About A Girl” (Written by Eric Paslay, Jessi Alexander and Gordie Sampson)

11. “Deep As It Is Wide” (Written by Eric Paslay)