Album Review: Kenny Rogers - You Can't Make Old Friends

Kenny Rogers is one of the most iconic artists in all of popular music and even into his 70s he's still making great music and is of strong voice. Take a look here to learn more about his latest album which includes a duet with Dolly Parton on the title track.

One might have expected “’Merica” to be some slice of hipster political genius but instead its a loving bluesy ode to all that makes America what it is, “the land that I love, ‘Merica.” Eric Paslay (singer of “Friday Night,” co-writer of “Even If it Breaks Your Heart”) co-wrote and provides harmonies on the dark societal story song “Turn This World Around” while “Look At You” and “When You Love Someone” (a song co-written by Gretchen Peters and Bryan Adams)showcase Rogers at his very best, as a balladeer with few peers. Dan Seals’ closer “It’s Gonna Be Easy Now” rounds out a strong, strong album.

It may not deliver radio hits but that doesn’t mean You Can’t Make Old Friends isn’t one of the better collections of Kenny Rogers career and an album worth seeking out.