The LACS Release Inventive Animated "Santa In A 4-Wheel Drive" Video

Average Joes Entertainment stars The LACS (who debuted in the Top 10 with Keep It Redneck earlier this year, return with a fun new animated video from the Average Joes Muddy Christmas compilation album. Get the full details on where you can view the video here.

The LACS have released a comical new video for their original holiday tune, "Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive." The animated video is full of traditional holiday decorations that come to life with a muddy, backwoods twist. From dancing LED yard-Santas and muddy snowmen on ATVs, to gun-totin’ gingerbread men, eggshine, and, of course, Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive, the video is already on its way to becoming a fan favorite.

“Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive” also features the animated duo (Clay Sharpe and Brian King) in festive holiday sweaters, and several recognizable "elves." The song penned by The LACS, is one of the many tracks featured on Average Joes’ Muddy Christmas album that was released in December 2012.

The LACS' latest studio album on Average Joes Entertainment, Keep It Redneck, is in stores now.  

Watch the video for "Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive" here: