Single Review: Lady Antebellum - Compass

Multi-platinum CMA and ACM Award-winning trio Lady Antebellum returns from their 'hiatus' with "Compass," the follow-up to "Goodbye Town" and the first of a handful of new songs added to an upcoming deluxe edition of Golden. Take a look at what we think about the band's new song!

Quite simply from a melodic standpoint, there's nothing else like "Compass" on Country radio and while the worldly percussive nature of the song's production (via Nathan Chapman and Lady Antebellum) makes the tune feel like a pop song, the lyrics are definitely Country and the use of banjos, mandolins and fiddles as the lead instruments (along with that kick drum) helps remind fans that Country music actually uses these instruments. Meanwhile, the lyrics are some of the most inspirational lyrics you're to hear without feeling like you're listening to CCM. In fact, these are some of Country's best lyrics -- along with Austin Webb's "Slip On By" -- from recent releases in 2013. 

There's not a way in the world that this sound is out of place on Country and it's likely to also be one of Lady Antebellum's biggest hits since "Need You Now" on other charts. Everything about "Compass" feels right to me and the whole inclusive, you're never alone and are always loved lyric just works as does the infectious, percussive and melodic melody. 

Listen to "Compass" here. Read the Lady Antebellum "Compass" Lyrics Here!