The Weekly Single Recap: The Week Of October 4, 2013: Baker's Dozen featuring

This week, Chuck Dauphin is back with his look at some of the hottest new singles in Country Music. This time he shares his thoughts on a baker's dozen of tracks (13) which include Jerrod Niemann, Dan + Shay, Sheryl Crow, Florida Georgia Line and more! View the quick-hit thoughts here!

Dan + Shay - “19 You + Me” (Warner Brothers Records):

Light and breezy, heavy on nostalgia, and harmony is dreamy (There’s a word you haven’t heard in a while!)

Chelsea Bain - “James Dean” (Independent):

Sultry, Bouncy. Vocal sets itself apart.

Jason Mitchell - “Stomp” (Tenacity):

Love the instrumentation. Love the vocal. Fun and different.

Jerrod Niemann - “Drink To That All Night” (Sea Gayle/Arista Nashville):

Dramatic intro holds interest. Perhaps a little too busy from a production standpoint, but if you can hold on to the chorus, it’s a fun ride!

Florida Georgia Line - “Stay” (Republic Nashville):

A little bit of a slower sound for Tyler and Brian. It works well, as it gives them a chance to show their emotional side.

Hannah Bethel - “No Where Left To Roam” (Independent):

Nice job on this one from the talented Michigan native, which gives her a chance to show what an effective vocalist she is.

Krystal Keith - “Get Your Redneck On” (Show Dog-Universal):

I have to admit that I was prepared to say ‘Another’ and go find some red dirt. But, her vocal is quite impressive here. It sounds different than you might think.

Leah Turner - “Take The Keys” (Columbia Nashville):

Gritty, soulful, and really sets herself apart from the pack on this one.

Little Big Town - “Sober” (Capitol Nashville):

Wow. Not much else I can say, other than Little Big Town is that good for a reason. Kimberly gets a chance to do lead vocals here, and her sweet voice takes full advantage.

Morgan Frazier - “Hey Bully” (Sidewalk Records):

Well written song that the newcomer performs well. You kind of get this idea this song has been lived, and she does an impressive job with it.

Rachel Farley - “Midnight Road” (RedBow Records):

Farley excels with another opportunity to show her swagger, which she does, tempered with somewhat of a vulnerable side.

Rodney Atkins - “Doin’ It Right” (CURB):

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Atkins, and this one is, well, ok. It’s not bad, but it just sounds like everyone else. He’s capable of more- lyrically and production-wise.

Sheryl Crow - “Callin’ Me When You’re Lonely” (Green Barn/Sea Gayle/Warner Brothers):

After the success of “Easy,” Ms. Crow slows things down a touch on the second single from Feels Like Home, and she slams one out of the ballpark with this heavily emotional performance.